HORNE LLP Establishes HORNE Capital Strategies

RIDGELAND, Miss., November 1, 2018 – HORNE LLP announced today that it has established HORNE Capital Strategies, LLC to offer investment banking services and help clients take advantage of disruptive market trends.

“The mergers and acquisitions market is being disrupted by three hard trends: First, millions of Baby Boomers will continue to retire over the next 10 years. Many of them own their own businesses and need the sale proceeds to fund their retirements. Second, regulations continue to become more complex. And finally, exponential technology advancement is increasing the cost of doing business,” explains Josh Edwards, the partner leading HORNE Capital Strategies.

“Selling a business, making an acquisition or raising capital is a complex undertaking. A business owner can choose to work with several different companies throughout the transaction process. We believe that HORNE Capital Strategies can guide business owners to leverage these trends to their advantage,” says Edwards.

HORNE Capital Strategies believes the best approach is to work with a unified team that collaborates to provide seamless guidance before, during and after a transaction. HORNE Capital Strategies’ HORNE360°SM approach not only gives clients the convenience of a single, coordinated team, but also ensures that decisions are made with full consideration of possible tax, business, financial and personal implications.

While investment banking spans a wide range of finance-related services, HORNE Capital Strategies focuses on three distinct areas. In sell-side advisory, helping clients prepare to take their businesses to market by working to find multiple interested buyers, guiding sellers through negotiations to secure the optimal offer and assisting in the closing process. In buy-side advisory, helping clients identify merger and acquisition targets that align with business strategy, soliciting seller interest and guiding buyers through negotiations, closing and transition. In capital financing, helping clients access the optimal capital sources and fully explore the terms, structure and type of financing that will best meet their strategic business goals.

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We focus our industry knowledge and experience in banking, construction, franchise, government, healthcare and public and middle market companies. HORNE Wealth Strategies collaborates to provide retirement planning, tax strategy, exit and succession planning for family and small middle market businesses. HORNE Cyber helps businesses of all sizes build resiliency for cyber security. HORNE Capital Strategies offers a unique and convenient approach to investment banking services to help clients buy, sell or infuse capital into their businesses. Visit us at hornellp.com, HORNECyber.com, or HORNECapital.com.