Retain and keep top talent with physician compensation model design.



To succeed in the healthcare industry, you need to attract and retain the most talented physicians. The U.S. faces a shortage of up to 120,000 physicians by 2030*, which means competition for talent will be fiercer than ever.

Compensation models that are effective for clinicians and your organization are one way to attract and keep top talent engaged.

Our white paper covers:

  • Preparing for a Value-Based Future
  • Why Physician Engagement is Critical for Success
  • Strategies for Effective Compensation Model Design
  • Best Practices for Compensation Model Transition

Read our white paper on physician compensation model strategies to learn how to use compensation to help your organization anticipate success. The videos below will give you top takeaways and insights from the white paper.

*Association of American Medical Colleges, 2018

Physician Compensation Model Design