Retaining Employees Through the Pandemic

Worried about retaining employees through the pandemic? Fear of the virus, sky-high unemployment benefits and responsibilities at home all give employers reason to worry. Here are some tips to retain your team through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Provide a Clean Environment: Providing a sanitized environment will help ease fears. Follow CDC guidelines and train on sanitation practices in this new normal. If supplies allow, provide masks, cleaning products, gloves and hand sanitizer in the workplace.  Here is a link to guidance from the CDC.

Adjust Workspace: Increasing airflow, setting up workstations, encouraging employees to stay six feet from each other, wiping down surfaces often and posting signs on best practices will help reduce fears and remind employees of best practices.

Provide Purpose and Give Hope: While many professions have been able to switch to work-from-home, many mission-critical industries still require a presence in a workplace (i.e., hospitals, gas stations, banks, drug stores, grocery stores and take-out / delivery restaurants, to name a few). Now is a great opportunity to thank your employees for their service and to remind them of the greater good they are contributing to. Whether it is saving lives or feeding families, thank your team for making it happen. Click here to see a recent example of Domino’s doing a great job at this. Along with purpose, provide hope for the future. Remind your teams that they will get through this and better days are ahead.  

Recognize (and Reward) Those Who Go Above and Beyond: This will not only make those who are recognized and/or rewarded feel good but will give others something to strive for. A little recognition goes a long way.

Transparency from Leadership: Transparency during uncertain times is a must for success. Team members look to leadership now more than ever for direction. Transparency in decisions and future plans will not only ease anxieties but unite teams. As new happenings unfold, leaders should create and share best- and worst-case scenarios. Along with transparency, increase reaching out. Whether it is a standing weekly meeting, phone calls or texts, continuously touch base with your team.

COVID-19 HR-Related Questions: Questions about the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, how to handle sick employees and where to code employee time related to the virus? Connect with HORNE Franchise and check out the HR Support Center with On-Demand Concierge Services to get all your questions answered.