Turn Compliance Into Opportunity

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The new allowance for loan losses standard (ASU 2016-13) known as CECL (Current Expected Credit Losses) is here.

CECL may seem like a regulatory burden but it represents:

  • tremendous opportunity
  • potential value beyond compliance

Download our E-book A Step-by-Step Guide to CECL Implementation 
and check out our resources below to help prepare your institution for a successful implementation.

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CECL Tool Kit


8 Steps to Effective CECL Implementation


8 steps to gain insights into your financial institution’s loan portfolio and risks through effective CECL implementation.


CECL: Turn Compliance Into Opportunity


Learn the road map to CECL compliance, how to turn the regulatory burden into an opportunity and the benefits of starting your implementation now.


Credit Quality Indicators Resources


A list of economic data sources to help you identify relevant credit quality indicators (CQIs) in preparing for CECL implementation.


Rusty Butcher, CPA

Managing Partner, Public and Middle Market
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Melissa Poole, CPA

Senior Manager, Financial Institutions


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Zak Kinchen, CPA

Senior Manager, Financial Institutions


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